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How To Read a Map Sheet

El Paso County Map     Assessor Numbers Derived

El Paso County covers more than 2,158 square miles and is roughly a square shape. It lies within the RANGE of 60 west through 68 west and TOWNSHIP 11 south through 17 south. There is approximately 1300 individual mapsheets in El Paso County which are broken down into Township maps (1" = 1200'), Section maps (1" = 200'), and Quarter-section maps (1" = 100'). The densification of development will determine the public land survey (PLS) breakdown.

Each map will have a five-digit identification in the lower right hand corner. This number is also the first five digits of the ten-digit tax schedule number.

Example - 63293

6 - The first digit is the RANGE number - Every RANGE in El Paso County is in the 60's, so we arbitrarily drop the first 6. So for this example it would be range 66 west.
3 - The second digit is the TOWNSHIP number - Every TOWNSHIP in El Paso County is in the 10's, so we arbitrarily drop the first 1. So for this example it would be township 13 south.
29 - The next two digits are the section it is located within the township/range. So for this example it would be section 29.
**NOTE** If there is a 00 for these two digits, then you are looking at a large-scale (1" = 1200') map. ALL of the sections are located on this map
3 - the last digit is the quarter of that given section.
1 - Northeast
2 - Northwest
3 - Southwest
4 - Southeast
So for this example it would be located in the southwest quarter of section 29. All quarter section (1" = 100') maps have the smallest scale.

**NOTE** If there is a 0 for the last digit, then you are looking at a full section map (1" = 200').

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About TIFF Viewers

The TIFF file format with Group IV compression is used because the map sheets are in BLACK & WHITE since other encoding formats generate significantly larger files. To view these sheets, you must configure your WWW Browser with a viewer that supports TIFF images and CCITT Group IV compression. Another approach is to use the new TIFF viewer plugins which will allow you to view TIFF images inline just like GIF or JPEG. The suggested TIFF viewers/plugins listed here are to help in your selection and have been found to work in viewing these charts.

DISCLAIMER: Any reference from El Paso County, Colorado  to any non-government entity, product, service or information does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the El Paso County, Colorado. We are not responsible for the contents of any "off-site" web pages referenced from El Paso County Government servers.


If you already have a viewer installed on your computer, e.g. Paint Shop Pro, all you have to do is know the directory where the viewer resides and attach it to your browser as a helper application:
For Netscape:
Click on "Options" or "edit"
Click on "General Preferences" or "Preferences"
Click on "Helpers" or "applications"
Scroll down data type window to "image/tiff"
Click on "browse"
Locate the directory in which you placed the viewer - select it and
Click on "OK"
When a TIF file in the future is selected in Netscape, the browser will launch the program and display the chart.


If you need to download a software package either select one of the examples below or use the keywords TIFF Viewers in your favorite search engine. Next "close" Netscape and follow the installations instructions for installing the viewer on your computer. Again know which directory the viewer is in and configure your Browser as in Case 1.

For Windows95 and WindowsNT platforms: Imaging for Windows is an accessory in most Windows95 and all Windows NT 4.0 systems.

If missing from your PC download free of charge:

Commercial Viewers for all platforms (test their demos first before ordering)

Raster Master Snowbound Software
ImageGear AccuSoft
Imagehandler Lead Technologies

Shareware viewers for DOS/Windows 3.1

Paint Shop Pro by Jasc, Inc.
Graphic Workshop

Shareware viewers for OS/2

PMJPEG by Jasc, Inc.

Shareware viewer for Macintosh


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