Public Record Real Estate Property Search
Navigation: Move through the data fields with your tab key or a mouse click on the desired field.

Clear an individual field by tabbing to it or clicking on it.
Reset all fields by clicking on the CLEAR button.

Start the search by clicking on the GO button.

Specifying Location: To search on location, the Street Name field MUST contain a value.
House Number Range: The system defaults to 0 - 999999 for the house number range.
To search an entire street, leave the system defaults and enter a street name.

To search a specific address range, enter that range and then enter the street name.
Example:  1530 - 1590 Academy
To search for a single address, enter that address in both range fields and then enter the street name.
Example:  1545 - 1545 Academy
Street Name: If you do not know the entire street name, you may enter just the beginning letters. For example, if you want to search Academy, you may enter AC. The search will give you all parcel numbers where the street name starts with the letters AC. However, please be aware that, generally, the fewer letters you enter, the greater the number of matches will be found, which could slow the response time.

Street Type, Dir: To ease selection, drop down lists have been provided for the Street Type and Dir fields.

Additional Hints: If your location search is not successful, try a more general search by omitting the street type and direction. For example, just enter Boulder in the Street Name field. You will get all parcels matching your address or address range on Boulder St, Ave, Pl, Ct, both east and west.

Do not use periods or any other punctuation marks.

The Street Name field is not case sensitive; that is, it will work equally well with all capital letters, no capital letters, or a mix.

If the street name you are attempting to look up is a numbered street, please spell out the number in its entirety. For example: 19th Street would be "Nineteenth Street.